Mobile Utility Facilities

Some key components to the Mobile Task Force is to provide potable water and electricity on demand in the field. We have been working with technology groups to provide advance technologies that will supply water and electricity. We have the technology to produce well over 250,000 gallons of water per day and electricity on demand. These are vital to reestablishing basic community needs in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Emergency Mobile Biomass Power Plants

In today’s developing world the demand to develop land for housing, agriculture, forestry and industry is nearly everywhere. By using mobile biomass power plants, waste of resources will be a thing of the past when developing land that has an abundance of organic matter that can be used for energy instead of landfills.

Mobile Biomass Power Plants can reduce the cost of developing an area for housing, by providing all the power required for construction on a housing project where there is sufficient feeder stock available. We also realize the need to supply temporary emergency power to communities after a disaster, war or when energy resources become critical. Mobile Biomass Plants can be diploid to communities where they are needed, on arrival they are setup and producing electricity in less than 24 hours after arriving on location.