Infrastructure Projects

We understand all too well what our responsibilities are when we are involved with community empowerment projects. We must consider the needs of a community and be a voice for developing supporting infrastructure projects utilizing green technologies. Projects that properly support a community so that housing projects and other community improvement project do not become a burden to local governments or even the communities themselves.

The White Light Group (TWLG) and its partnered groups along with other companies around the world utilize the most advanced technologies for infrastructure projects. Developing affective infrastructure is vital when planning the building of new communities, rebuilding poverty stricken communities and war torn countries. Finding solutions to environmental issues is in the forefront to our objectives when involved with infrastructure projects.

We have made the commitment to finding solution to problems that plagues communities worldwide. We believe in a key element to stabilizing a community or region is to insure self-reliance on basic infrastructure projects dealing with water reclamation, power and waste management. We turned our attention to alternative technologies for answers to the growing need to find effective and economic solutions to the needs of a community. The questions a raised from researching new alternative technologies;

The technology had to be affordable
The technology had to be environmentally safe
The technology must be economically sound. During our research we included a fourth aspect to solutions, we included alternative new technologies, which could be deployed to resolve emergency conditions in communities worldwide

Environmental Conservation

TWLG has based all of our project endeavors with environmental conservation on our forethought with global projects. We have a strong voice with all of our partnered organizations and affiliates in considering environmental impact worldwide.

We promote the environmental conservation goals with the organizations, agencies we have partnered with. Working with environmental agencies and local governments in establishing comprehensive environmental impact studies and analysis of off shore environments, all water tributaries, lakes, and shorelines in the targeted countries.

Develop local government assistance programs to educate countries on modern and alternative ocean conservation Assist local governments in developing sound and environmentally aware aquatic environmental programs that address specific problems with saving their natural resources. To understand the declining conditions attributed to increasing stress on aquatic life due to mismanagement of local fishing industries, commercial, industrial and community waste pollution.

Types of Infrastructure Projects
The types of infrastructure projects we are most interested in:

Water Reclamation Projects

We have been working with humanitarian organizations on well water projects for small outlined communities in Africa. Working to provide potable water is vital to the future of humanity. Ground water and water tributaries are currently the most promising sources of potable water in the world. We are committed to applying the most advanced technologies and solutions to addressing the growing threat of draught and the serious lack of potable water in the world. We have been working with well water projects, advanced technologies such as extract drinking water from the air and even the planning of the construction of large scale seawater desalination reverse osmosis projects.

Eco-Friendly Energy Projects

The White Light Group (TWLG) its partnered technology and eco-energy groups have been working on alternative eco-friendly energy sources from wind to energy, biomass energy to non-polluting liquid coal power plants. When researching for answers to providing alternative sources of electricity to support a community, we turned to new advanced technologies and environmentally safe means of providing electricity. During our search for better, economic, clean and efficient means of providing electricity to communities we realized that as long as the world is facing difficulties in certain regions and communities threaten survival through war and economic collapse, we had to include the need for providing temporary or subsidized solutions to communities as well as long term alternative projects. To date we have been focused on wind turbine energy, biofuels and biomas energy projects that involve the production of our Megafolia Fast Growth Trees, which can produce more biofuel than corn per acre.

Eco-Friendly Waste Management Systems

TWLG's and its partnered groups have been involved with researching new technologies and working with civil engineers to address waste management issues. Finding solutions to commercial methods of disposal of waste is vital to preserving our fragile environment. The production of toxic waste is on the rise and becoming a major issue in dealing with this overwhelming problem worldwide. Our goal is to provide real and sound technologies to our partnered humanitarian and economic development groups. The two primary means to solving the problem in waste management has been the;

Plasma Energy Pyrolysis System: There are several leading-edge technologies for waste management that do not cause further pollution of the environment from its by-products. Our organization has researched and selected the following two technologies as being superior in effectiveness and cost-to-benefit analysis.

Feeder Roads and Road Reconstruction

We understands that when dealing with large community housing projects, we need to deal with the building of new dirt roads (feeder roads) or the reconstruction of existing dirt roads is a major undertaking in third world countries. The answer was to focus on a 100% environmentally friendly construction method that would last for years, that was economical, and with minimal maintenance. By using an environmental solution called EarthZyme, the same solution used in the EarthBlock construction system for affordable housing projects. The EarthZyme is a product specifically developed as an effective aid to the workability, mixibility, binding and compaction of clay-based soils. By its unique multi-enzyme actions it alters and improves the soils' physical and chemical properties, which result in significantly less mechanical effort to achieve greater densities for compaction. The greater density that is achieved also produces a significant increase in strength that provides extremely high weight-bearing ratios. The high weight-bearing ratio combined with the high density inherent with an EarthZyme stabilized soil provides for an enhanced construction material that is 100% environmentally friendly.