We welcome all like minds and hearts to participate as members of the collective vision. We also welcome technology groups and companies that wish to take part in this journey with a focus in making a difference in the world. We also encourage those special individuals that wish to dedicate their lives to something greater than themselves, to give back to life and the world. Memberships are accepted during our membership drive periods at which time potential members need to submit a request in writing stating their intention in requesting membership, including an outline on how they wish to participate in helping us to achieve our global objectives. Members are expected to conduct themselves properly under international humanitarian protocols and guidelines. All members must be willing to adhere to our “Principles to Which We Abide” and “Articles of Fundamental Rights” when representing our organization. Our members and partnered groups are our strength in accomplishing our far-reaching goals and making a difference in the world.

The Means to Make Positive Change in the World Around Us

Partnering: “A gathering of people with similar interests and goals for the purpose of synergistic mutual improvement.” We are a strong believer that partnering is the key to building stronger organizations and business structures that will meet the needs of this new millennium. We believe that by partnering with other organizations we can combine resources and services through joint venture endeavors to build towards a better future. It will take the combined resources of every type of organization and financial group to truly make positive change in the world.

We have been developing the means and drive to pool the resources of all our associates, affiliate companies, joint venture groups and partnered organizations. Optimal partners is the final and in many ways the most important part and reason for any association to exist. Not the most important from the perspective that all revolves around it, but that of having a culture of true partnering. We believe you can achieve tangible goals for the growth of any organization that dedicates significant resources and commitment to partnering.

Special Partnered Organizations

MNL Consulting
R.W. Terrell Enterprises, Inc.
Advanced Expert Systems, Inc.
Geneva Capital Solutions, LLC
International Funding Group Trust
HT International
Howick Ltd.
Cypher International
Africa USA, Inc.
Golden Eye Solutions Inc.
Asahoba Business Ventures
TWL Resources, Ltd.
Global Venture Partners Inc.
USA Global Corp, Inc.
Gorilla Design


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