A Brief Look at White Light Group's Journey



We participated as project designers and developers of a nationwide medical tracking system to be deployed in developing world countries. Our computer professionals designed and developed the Computerized, Integrated Medical Information Tracking System (CIMITS). The CIMITS was primarily designed for developing world countries, which are in a high-risk group with diseases such as Malaria, TB, HIV and AIDS. Its primary function was not only to track every man, woman and child with HIV, but was also designed to serve as a nationwide medical tracking system, linking even the most remote village to a central medical center system.

Affordable Housing Projects

Our Housing Group professionals have successfully manufactured poverty and low-income homes and other structural projects in the Philippines, Brunei, Mexico, Saipan and Haiti.

Emergency Aid

Our management teams were involved and participated with one of our partnered foundations in assisting with aid for refugees and internally displaced people of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ghana. We provided support and services that made it possible for our partnered groups to render assistance and aid to countries in distress.

Post War Reconstruction of Liberia

Our management team were key project architects for the Marshal Plan For Post War Reconstruction of Liberia, a 10-Year and $22 Billion USD National Rehabilitation and Economic Development Project. TWLG CEO was the Requesting Sponsor instrumental in securing a United Nations humanitarian approval and project number by developing the project concept, writing the executive summary and grant for one of our partnered organizations.

From Inception to Present

Building a global network of professional members, partnered humanitarian foundations, technical groups and companies as we walk the humanitarian path to achieve our dreams and goals in making a difference in the world. Building meaningful and long-term relationships with international professionals, groups, organizations to form partnerships with a focus on creating and developing far reaching global projects. Through partnering we can build a better world and solve global problems.