What We Do

The White Light Group (TWLG) is a solution to problems in the world today. We are the next generation of humanitarians that is here to make a difference wherever possible. Over the years we have focused on humanitarian and economic development projects that create badly needed jobs in order to combat poverty. We have supported and worked on humanitarian projects worldwide in order to serve humanity.

We know that to make positive changes in the world no one organization can achieve it alone. By working together we can complete near miracles in battling poverty, famine and disease. The White Light Group works hand and hand with other organizations that are dedicated to making a positive difference in the world around us. If you are of like mind and heart or a talented individual, professional, non-profit organization, corporation or international investment group we invite you to join us by working together to build a better and safer world for our children’s children.

We believe that the technologies and resources exist today to truly make positive change in the world. Our primary goal is to commit all of our resources and extensive global network of like minds and hearts to benefit humanity in ways very few organizations are able to do. We are the new breed of humanitarians with heart and soul to get the job done. We are focused on the support of humanitarian and economic development endeavors that truly benefit humanity.


We combine the essence of a typical humanitarian organization with non-profit economic development and advanced technologies to accomplish new levels of achievements never seen before. We understand that by working with humanitarians around the world, advanced technology groups and international investment groups we can form partnerships and joint ventures on a global level that allow us the ability to accomplish anything we focus our attention on.

We are like no other nonprofit group you have been introduced to. We are the new breed of professionals that is redefining the meaning of humanitarianism. We touch lives and break new boundaries in the stewardship of our world; we are The White Light Group, in service and dedication to humanity.