Primary Projects


All our nonprofit projects are equally important, however our most ambitious project the Mobile Task Force is dear to our heart and has become our most important project to date.


Affordable housing and agro-business has always been our staple when it comes to ongoing nonprofit and economic development projects. We utilize green technologies that are proven, which also create badly needed jobs in unskilled labor.

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The White Light Group believes in growing with the changing times and a world in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Although feeding and clothing a child in a third world country is admirable and a worthy endeavor to save lives, unfortunately it does not address long-term problems of poverty. As a new breed of humanitarians, we must address the greater picture beyond just feeding a starving child; we must consider all the aspects of an individual’s life; from food, clothing, housing, healthcare, education and even employment.

We must focus on Nonprofit Economic Development Endeavors (N.E.D.E.) also known as Humanitarian Economic Development Endeavors (H.E.D.E.) to create badly needed jobs and growth that are governed by humanitarian values, doctrines and objectives. Our duty and responsibility is clear, there is no greater course we can take than that of a humanitarian. Our level of involvement and dedication has no bounds, there is no project too small or too large that we will not address if it means saving even one life or even making the slightest difference in this world.