Humanitarians of a New Century

A new humanitarian movement has begun to develop, ideas of global awareness focused on doctrines that will benefit all humanity on a level never achieved before. A selfless act for another and the understanding that the accumulation of wealth and possession is nothing compared to the richness of giving back to life in a positive and responsible way is what humanity is truly all about. With that in mind, these ideals and dreams are now flourishing, with a sincere focus on facilitating positive change in the world. Individuals of like minds and hearts are gathering to form new groups, The White Light Group being one of those groups under the banner of a global humanitarian movement, which is a conglomeration of individuals, professionals and corporations working through a worldwide network towards a better future. By combining technologies, services, resources, knowledge, skills and insights we are able to provide constructive direction for non-profit projects on a global scale. As an individual it becomes difficult to achieve far-reaching goals to create a better future, but as a group of dedicated and driven individuals working together worldwide we are able to achieve the impossible dream of creating a better future.

We Are the New Movement of Humanitarians

The White Light Group (TWLG) is part of the new growing selfless consciousness; we are a global collective of individuals working towards common goals. We are the givers; a cross-cultural group of individuals from around the world that are working together to find solutions, to give back to life and foster positive global change. Our focus is to raise the awareness and conscious level that change is coming in order for humanity to thrive. We believe each individual has the will and vision, we must offer the means, resources and support for them to achieve positive change. We each must understand not only our individual needs, but also work for the greater good, which includes the needs of the many. The only way we can do that, is to bring the means and resources to empower others to achieve common goals. TWLG's members are brought together in the common belief that the greatest reward in life is through self-improvement and empowerment, tempered by intelligent use of resources and advanced technologies to benefit humanity as a whole.

Nonprofit Economic Development Endeavors (N.E.D.E.)
Also known as Humanitarian Economic Development Endeavors or Nonprofit Economic Growth

We are a firm believer in the abundance of possibilities to solve real world problems and that a major part of making a difference in the world is through Nonprofit Economic Development Endeavors (N.E.D.E.), a focus on global economic development to create badly needed jobs and growth that are governed by humanitarian values, doctrines and objectives. Through community empowerment objectives we can empower people, corporations and governments to build towards a better future to work in cooperation and to share in the abundance of our world for the betterment of humanity.

We understand that if you wish to prevent poverty you must create jobs through economic development and community based resources such as manufacturing, affordable housing, education, healthcare, agro-business, agro-forestry, alternative technologies and opportunities to build sustainable thriving communities.

The White Light Group and its partners provide unique opportunities to technology groups and corporations to apply their technologies and resources responsibly for the betterment of humanity; to share in the abundance of what life has to offer on a global scale. Only through the responsible use of those technologies and resources can we make a difference by creating a wealth of opportunities for cooperation that provides not only economic growth, but also a wellspring of abundance that can make a difference in the world.

Our N.E.D.E. programs are geared to reinvest in communities through community programs and business incubation that support our concept of sustainable economic development. Where nearly all our profits from revenue centers that TWLG invest in will go into special trust funds that help ensure the sustainability of the projects we launch as well as fund new projects for other communities. Our N.E.D.E. Programs are specifically designed to benefit a community as a whole. We owe it to our children’s children to strive for a better way of building a life through community participation.

Our Articles of Fundamental Rights

Article I

Insofar as we, united in the union of Fundamental Rights, do recognize and respect the vital role that each and all our separate peoples have played in the building of this humanitarian organization. With a view to creating conditions of stability and well being which are necessary for peaceful relations, based on respect for the principles of human rights and self-determination to serve and protect life.

Article II

This organization shall promote within the bounds of our common influence the inescapable belief that all life is possessed with the inalienable right to flourish on its own terms, in its own time and in peace. Therefore, we devote our energies to the establishment and fostering of such state in equal measure, in pursuit for higher standards of living, social progress and development, with universal respect for and observance of rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to ethnicity, culture, language, politics, sex or religion.

Article III

We so do resolve, strong both in spirit and the desire to serve and protect, never to lose sight of those principles, which by fate or providence, have served to establish this organization as a meeting of equals in recognition of our potential to make a difference in the world.

Article IV

To serve and protect this world and all humanity; to provide purposeful thought and effort in making a difference in saving lives collectively; to take responsibility in our contribution to the world around us and to do no harm to that which we are entrusted.

Article V

We stand unified in our avowed proclamation of this as first and foremost principle, our prime directive and fundamental rights of equality and purpose.