Affordable Housing Projects

The White Light Group (TWLG) and its professional members have cultivated and developed its housing objectives over the years. We utilize several housing construction technologies steel frame, mortarless block, ram block or earth block and our new emerging technology of rubberized concert block. Currently our steel frame system has clearly been the most popular over recent years, however what type of technology that is used for any given housing project are determined by availability of local resources or the cost of importing resources to construction site.

Steel Frame System

To date our housing professionals have completed thousands of homes in the Philippines, Mexico, Saipan and the United States. With affordable homes for low income or poverty level starting below $10,000 USD, manufactured using our steel frame system or our mobile mortarless block system. Our type of homes include the slab foundation, the homes itself, electrical, plumbing, fixtures, cabinetry, windows, doors, wall and floor coverings. We provide complete prefabricated homes at affordable rates in order to meet the overwhelming need to provide affordable housing for those in need.

The White Light Group has 4 primary objectives to affordable housing projects.

1. Environmentally Friendly
No Trees Killed for Construction

2. Affordable Construction
Cost Affective Materials
Economic Manufacturing
Uses Unskilled Labor for Construction
Simple Technologies to Train Unskilled Workers

3. Mobile Manufacturing Facilities or Machines
Easily Transportable System
Quick Setup & Startup
Create Badly Need Jobs

TWLG currently subscribes to and promotes our Steel Frame System, Mortarless Block System and Earth Block/Ram Block housing construction technologies. The following provides you with a brief overview of our affordable housing technologies.

Steel Frame Construction Technology

The Steel Framing System is the ideal framing system for every country, climate and economy. Our light gauge steel-framing package can be easily erected on almost any foundation system, including slab on grade or raised. We are the ideal alternative to traditional framing methods, such as wood, concrete, adobe or brick. Not only are light gauge steel framing materials far more economical than other construction materials, there is far less waste and the home can be often be built in much less time, even with semi-skilled labor.

Benefits of Steel Frame System

Better, Faster, and No Waste: Our roll-forming machine produces a basic stud walls and trusses. The studs are punched and dimpled acting as placement clips and screws are placed in the holes. The computer program is an essential part of the process. The roll-forming machine offers an efficient, economical system for Light gauge steel framing, and a new better way to build metal stud walls.

Wind and Earthquake Resistant: Engineered to a seismic 4 rating, all framing components feature positive connections feature that provide seismic and wind protection. The Steel Framing System is engineered for wind exposure C, per Uniform Building Code and is designed to withstand winds from 90 - 119 - 155 mph. (144 -176 -228 kph), depending on the region and design.

The Strength of Steel: Designed to satisfy building requirements for almost any area, Our Steel Framing System are wind, earthquake, corrosion, termite and dry rot resistant - and does not add consumables to fire. You get a stronger structure, straighter walls and flexible floor plans. Our roof truss system is far more rigid and durable during shipping and installation than wood truss system for easy top chord connection.

Durable And Easy To Assemble: Our Steel Framing System is galvanized (zinc coated) for maximum corrosion resistance. Framing members may be precision cut at the factory for easy assembly or roll formed on site for larger projects. Assembly is quick and easy, using electric screw guns. If cutting in the field is required, an electric saw is all that is needed.

Double-Wire K-Lath System: Dramatically increase the efficiency of lathing on steel studs They provide even greater screw attachment, while allowing easier identification for furring crimps. Approved for 24" on center stud spacing, K-Lath's double - wire system is designed to save costly labor dollars while providing stronger and more error - free construction.

Precision Engineered: We offer a wide variety of standard floor plans, starting from 36 Sqm. 59.5 Sqm. and expanding up to 118.9 Sqm. Our system is easily adapted for practically any custom size, dimension or shape. Our technical services department has designed each of these homes to ensure accurate assembly in the field. With the Steel Framing System, you get ultimate flexibility and economy, with a wide variety of floor plans, including single level, split level, and two level configurations.

Everything in life is becoming faster, more efficient and less wasteful. So why can't house framing be the same way? Generally, housing frames are either made from timber, or steel framing. Both of which are inefficient, for the following reasons:

Timber: Is expensive; the cost of timber worldwide is increasing, due to its growing scarcity. Are time consuming; hand cutting and then assembling timber frames can take a long time. Is messy; construction of timber framing produces a lot of sawdust and off cuts.

Steel: Is inefficient; metal studs are supplied in bundles of a certain length. This means they have to be hand-cut to length first. Is wasteful; all the off cuts can't be put to good use, so they end up in the bin. Surely there is a better way of constructing house framing?

To solve the problem of decimating old growth forest we have developed our own complete Steel Frame Manufacturing program and facilities that makes our housing projects completely environmentally safe or GREEN.

We set up housing construction centers in order to create local employment opportunities in communities. The Training Center offers an Introductory and Advanced Training Course that includes instruction in the following areas:

Proper Use of Steel Framing Hand Tools
Proper Use of Steel Framing Power Tools
Reading Snap sheets Wall Layout, Panelization, and Installation Truss Layout, Panelization, and Installation
Floor Layout, Panelization, and Installation
Basic Leadership Development
Advanced Steel Carpentry and Blue Print Instruction
Hands on Training in Building a Steel Frame Home

Below are slideshows of our housing groups
Steel Frame construction method.

Below are slideshows of the Prefab Steel Frame
homes our housing group has manufactured.

Below is a slideshow that includes an affordable housing
apartment complex in the United States plus additional
commercial buildings and a resort facility.

Above is a picture of our Executive Housing Director Darrell Sabihon in front of
a low-income home in an affordable housing project in the Philippines.

Above is the type of poverty level Steel Framing Housing System that is currently being constructed in the Philippines. Most important issue with our affordable housing projects and construction methods is that both types of construction utilize unskilled and nonunion labor, which means JOBS.

When we are involved in a project we consider all the needs of a community. We can provide complete project development and management that includes everything from environmental impact studies, labor training, community infrastructure to the completed housing project. We also can manufacture and build the most modern commercial structure to better serve the community empowerment projects we have been involved with. Below are a few photographs of the prefabricated homes that we have manufactured and built over the years.