Decentralized Healthcare

The White Light Group (TWLG) professionals and partnered groups have working to design and develop a network of decentralized healthcare facilities for third world countries. Build only large hospitals in third world and developing countries are far from being affective in healthcare programs in countries that that have a large population living at or below poverty level in urban and rural communities. A decentralized healthcare program and projects are the type of projects TWLG is proud to be involved with.

Healthcare in third world and developing countries are especially challenging due to the lack of facilities, pharmaceuticals, modern equipment and qualified medical staff. Modern and advanced medical equipment such as EKGs, blood analyzers, MRIs, CT scan units and sonogram machines available in out lined communities out side of major hospitals in larger cities is non-existent.

Building New Small Healthcare Clinics in Africa, Americas, India and Asian Countries

By joining forces with physicians around the world to participate in humanitarian projects and internship programs on the healthcare projects we can achieve quality healthcare programs. With diseases such as HIV, AIDs, TB, West Nile Virus, SARS, etc are on the rise world wide, we can truly make a difference in peoples lives and as well as saving lives by developing a global healthcare programs.

De-Centralized Healthcare Projects

De-Centralized Healthcare Projects provides a plan to de-centralize healthcare in developing and third world countries and to improve healthcare coverage for a remote segment of the population. The Project therefore plans the following solutions:

Supply all existing healthcare clinics with proper equipment, drugs, vaccines, with an emphasis on nutritional, prenatal and pediatric supplies, HIV prevention and education.
For the under-served communities, we are building new clinical facilities and provide staff, equipment, and drugs. The emphasis for these facilities will be pediatric and prenatal care.
Establish a diverse quasi-profitable pharmaceutical distribution company to provide common, inexpensive prototype drugs for distribution in the targeted country.
Build two medical diagnostic centers in key locations in the targeted country.
Provide and equip Mobile Healthcare Units with the proper equipment, supplies, and staff to treat remote locations.
Provide community-based education for disease prevention, maintenance, sanitation, and elimination of vectors.
Provide a permanent overseer of the medical services, equipment, and training, provided through the use of this funding, with adequate oversight by professional health and financial auditors.
Provide private management of these resources with permanent on-site workers.
Computerized, Integrated Medical Information Tracking System


Computerized, Integrated Medical Information Tracking System

MNL Consulting and TWLG designed an advanced medical information tracking system several years ago to be deployed in Africa. Our team of expert technical associates worked on a medical information and country wide networked computers systems that can be deployed in countries such as Swaziland to track every man, woman and child that suffered with HIV, TB. AIDS. We have been working to improve the network system design and the advanced computer programming of the software tracking system. Today, TWLG has an ongoing task in building a more affective system that will support a network of hospitals, rural communities, remote villages and mobile healthcare units in the field. All linked together in order to improve the quality of life and allow greater tracking of diseases in third world countries.

The Computerized, Integrated Medical Information Tracking System (CIMITS) was primarily designed for third world countries, which are in a high-risk group with diseases such as AIDS. Countries such as Swaziland, South Africa, Liberia, Ghana, other African countries and India, after extensive research we found that the CIMITS can be deployed anywhere in the world, including the United States.

The CIMITS project is not only an advance software package; it is a country or region wide network system that is linked to a central data center. This project was designed to assist de-centralized healthcare projects, by deploying remote computer systems with the CIMITS software around a country. These CIMITS units will be setup in healthcare offices, clinics and hospitals throughout a country and linked via the Internet or phone system to a central CIMITS center. Where a team of professionals will maintain, compile, correlate, and store all national healthcare information.

Local healthcare and government agencies then can track diseases that could be a potential threat to communities and to a country. The system is designed to allow government agencies, project participating agencies, and all other authorized individuals access to general information and data only. Individual patients medical records are only accessible by the attending physician and not accessible to the public, complete patient and physician confidentiality is observed and secure. The only data that is accessible by outside project participants are general data regarding the type diseases found in a country, international comparison information and the type of healthcare action that is being applied for treatment and its effectiveness.