Cultural Heritage and Preservation Programs

The White Light Group takes a strong stand in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Programs. TWLG has asked our partnered organizations that they take into consideration cultural preservation programs in order to preserve indigenous cultures and stimulate economic development through tourism in order to create badly needed jobs. Our partnered organizations have committed to develop Cultural Heritage and Preservation Programs to ensure the preservation of unique indigenous cultures.

Cultural heritage is what defines a nation and grounds its people to its rich history and culture as it moves forward into the future. We firmly believe and will dedicate its role in humanitarian projects to preserve the cultural heritage and history of countries and its people. We hereby commit to the following program that involves any construction related or urban renovation projects entered in by partnered groups/organizations and myself.

Funding: We will enforce our commitment with a program called the 2% ACT (two percent), which will take a set percent of the construction cost of any new building or urban renovation project we manage to go towards cultural preservation. Local artists will use those funds to promote indigence art forms to decorate the internal, external structure of new buildings and surrounding grounds with local cultural art.

Cultural Centers: The remaining funds and other match funds from humanitarian projects; economic development projects and programs that we are involved with will be placed in a trust program to fund Cultural Centers in countries. These Cultural Centers will house the cultural history, arts, crafts, textiles, jewelry, music, language(s) and other creative forms of the country and indigenous tribal cultures.

Housing Projects: Affordable housing and urban renovation projects will draw from Special Project Trust Funds in the amount of 1% (One percent) minimal of total project funding for community beautification programs for landscaping and community parks for the general populous.

Large Scale Community Renovation Projects: Will draw from Special Project Trust Funds in the amount of 1% (One percent) minimal of total project funding to be invested in large parks and memorials in order to protect and new community recreational parks. Memorial parks such as a Conflict Memorials should be erected in order to preserve the memory of all the men, women and children which have lost there lives in the struggle to build a country. No one, no war or conflict should be forgot, those turmoil times are part of the rich and even painful history of a country. Future generations should remember what their parents and forefathers had to endure in order to create a better future for them and their children’s children.

Historical Sites: Cultural Preservation Projects will include the preservation of historical sites and structures in a country and community, which is established to preserve its rich history.

Indigence Old Growth Trees: When entering into urban and community renovation projects we will identify existing indigence old growth trees within the community and all efforts be made to preserve existing old growth trees to be used within any and all purposed development projects in order to preserve the community and its beautification. When entering into a community renovation project we will preserve the community heritage by planting at least 50% (Fifty Percent) indigence plant and tree species.

Cultural Economic Development through Tourism

Cultural Heritage and Preservation Programs supported by Tourism can become one of a country’s primary industries in terms of employment. Developing a tourism industry for a third world country will be a challenging undertaking due to possible crime rates, lack of resources and even internal conflicts. However third world countries have a great deal to offer international visitors in attractions (wilderness, beaches, wild life, historic sites, etc.) and rich culture. It is important for each community in a country to weigh the possible benefits and costs that can result from new or expanded tourism development in order to preserve cultural heritage. Most of all a strong tourism industry will create badly need jobs. We will work with local governments and communities to help make a country and a community a place that people will enjoy visiting and more important return.

Cultural: Tourism should emphasize respect for and knowledge of local culture. Tourism can assist in preserving cultural heritage and should be a primary reason for bringing tourism to a country.

Economics: Tourism should create jobs and income for local residents. Residents should have first priority when filling tourism jobs and cultural heritage projects.

The White Light Group will work with countries and communities interested in developing tourism and cultural heritage programs. We will assist in finding funding and/or responsible contributors that will assist the process with small business incubation programs, new public facilities, hotels, and resorts to attract tourism. Business incubation will be very important for local economies and the creation of jobs, new businesses such as local shops, hotels, resorts and even restaurants.