Community Empowerment Projects

The White Light Group
(TWLG) and its partners, have been working to offer a unique type of project for deserving communities. We have designed several Community Empowerment Projects for that can be established in nearly every country in the world. We believe in developing community empowerment projects that will bring a great deal of resources to a community. Some Community Empowerment Projects will include housing projects with a central educational and business facility at the heart of the planned community or housing project. The key here is to provide opportunity for adult education and small business incubation. For a growing community to prepare for economic development there must be opportunity for growth. By building Community Empowerment Centers we can offer vital opportunities to improve the quality of life. To the right is a typical housing project with a Community Empowerment Center. TWLG has designed several of these centers that ca be tailored for nearly any community need.

In today’s society, with a rapidly accelerating “information age” and the reduction/elimination of traditional jobs due to automation, it is becoming even more important that education and business training be attuned to this new reality. Those that achieve the proper education will learn or be able to re-learn what is needed to succeed and when combined with appropriate business knowledge and tools will have a higher probability of success. Current educational and/or business training institutions address certain aspects of this new reality. However, it rarely summarized into a complete approach and integrated into a process that creates a “real-world” set of educational and business tools for the students/client to utilize as they attempt to assimilate into this new age. This is mostly due to the fact that typical institutions tend to create an ever-expanding base of employees, not entrepreneurs. For example, if one attends a school to become a database specialist, no training is given by that school on how to turn that skill into your own business.

As a result, if no job is waiting or found after the skill is learned, the person is left on their own to develop economic survival skills that can lead to occupations and situations that may or may not be in their chosen path of achievement and/or financial requirements. Business courses are usually taught per topic, such as accounting, advertising, sales, etc., and almost never tied together to form a real-world base of knowledge leading to true entrepreneurship, leaving the graduate to learn about the real business world via trial and error. Too often the communities best served by the education and business facilities also have related problems such as lack of affordable office space for startup/small business. We are works hard to remedy current problems in education and economic development. TWLG is focusing on real world solutions and applies them to our advanced and aggressive education programs. We offer job placement in both national and international arenas with our Global Network Resource Center. Backed by decades of experience from business incubation to higher education.

Community Empowerment Centers

The Community Empowerment Center (CEC) - This inner city project is designed for large communities such as those in the United States. The first Community Empowerment Center of this type is being planned for the cities in the United States and the Philippines. The CEC is to be a multi-functional facility that provides the opportunities for individuals to elevate themselves via a truly supportive business, education, health-oriented environment and after school programs for youth. This is achieved with a goal towards betterment of their lifestyle and for individuals seeking to improved business products/services and customer relations.

This overview provides a brief glimps into the services, products and profitability of those services to demonstrate the Community Empowerment Center is a completely self sustainable community project with a strong revenue margin to guarantee it’s success in any large community such as those in the United States.

The CEC floor plan below shows a dual floor structure with amenities and services that will truly benefit any community. The CEC can be designed with an optional second floor, which can hold an additional 10 classrooms, office rentals and even a temporary housing module for student in the form of 40 to 60 small efficiency studios.


The Basic Community Empowerment Center is comprised of 4 modules: the Educational Center (EC), the Business Center (BC), the Community Hall (CH) and the Recreational Center (RC). This CEC design is designed with an inner courtyard with a reflection pool and fountain. This design philosophy allows our architects flexibility a variety of configurations of the modules to be assembled to accommodate the needs of a community. The main focus of this center is to empower the community on many levels. The White Lighter Group deploys its teams in the filed to build and setup the center, after which a small team remains for three to six months to train local individuals to run and operate the center. After which WLG oversees the center to maintain quality services and to insure its success, while allowing the local community to develop the center to the needs of the community.

The Educational Center (EC) primary goal is to offer professionally instructor lead courses to train individuals in various levels of proficiency in business and technical education. The EC offers a wide range of business and computer software and hardware courses to help individuals succeed in their careers. These facilities can easily accommodate a trade school that teaches wood working skills, mechanics, heavy duty equipment operation, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc. The versatility of the center is staggering in the possibilities it can offer. The EC contains a community involved After School Youth Center that is focused on help students between 9 and 17 years of ages, in improving their grade point average and for individual attention in study programs. The After School Youth Center combined with the Recreational Center makes it perfect for keeping youth off the street in the hours in which they are prone to mischief or peer pressure.

The Business Center (BC) is primarily a business incubator with its business suite rentals, business support services to assist small business startups. The BC offers meeting rooms, conference rooms, telecommunications, teleconferencing, Internet video conferencing, fax, mail, secretarial, business management support, copying, and printing services. The BC includes a high bandwidth Internet café, computer rentals, office equipment rentals, graphic productions, presentations, technical support and professional computer retail sales. Weather an individual requires complete support for business startup or if they are a professional seeking business services for out of town meetings the BC has everything they require to conduct professional business.

The Recreational Center (RC) is a top of the line recreational and fitness center for CEC members to enjoy. The RC offers a regulation size gymnasium for basketball, soccer and other indoor sports, a fully equipped fitness center with all the modern exercise equipment such as weightlifting machines, barbells, stairmasters, treadmills, etc. The RC offers community led courses such as yoga, tae bo, meditation and more. This facility provides locker rooms and private showers for member use.

The Community Hall (CH) is a large auditorium for community organizations to meet, lectures and social events such as banquets. This center is equipped with restrooms and a well-stocked kitchen with all the modern appliances. The CH has a stage with state of the art sound systems and LCD projection system for professional presentations.

The Inner Courtyard (IC) is a large central common area of the Community Empowerment Center with a large reflection pool and fountain. This area is equipped with outdoor electrical and sound systems for community events.

The possibilities are staggering to how such a center can benefit a community.

Affordable Educational Projects

Rural and Small Village Community Schools

In third world and developing countries children in small or rural communities are faced with illiteracy and the lack academic opportunities. As humanitarians we must address educational problems that small communities are faced with. Small community schools are planned for construction in African, South American and Asian countries by our partnered humanitarian organizations. The White Light Group (TWLG) and its partners are working to design and develop comprehensive educational programs that can be adapted to any third-world and developing countries needs. For larger communities, our Community Empowerment Centers and standard community school facilities will be constructed. For smaller rural communities and villages we had to open place my heart and mind to work hard by developing not only small schools, but the curriculums and the involvement of the school in how it interacts with the needs of the community. Building community schools that teach children academic curriculums that will provide each child with the necessary real life skills to achieve productive adult lives is paramount to our primary goals.

In poverty stricken communities the youngest of children are consumed with the day-to-day task of dealing with poverty and hunger. Even if schools were to be built in poverty areas, most children will be unable to attend school due to strife. It basically comes down to either attending school or starving. The primary goal to children in poverty communities is the day-to-day struggle to survive is to find food. Offering incentives to encourage children to attend school is important to this educational program, by serving nutritional meals in the morning and midday. When children in poverty communities are not concerned and worried about foraging for food they will attend school. Nutrition plays a significant roll in the mental and physical capabilities of children’s learning capabilities in poverty stricken communities. Malnutrition dramatically diminishes the mental capabilities, functions, comprehension and the general physiology of the human body. By providing nutritional meals, children suffering from malnutrition will regain their health and their ability to retain what they learn.

The new schools constructed in poverty stricken and small rural communities need to teach practical curriculums and real life skills such as:

Indigenous and English Languages (spoken and written)
Social Skills
Personal Health & Hygiene
Basic & Modern Agriculture
Modern Science
Local & International History
Real Life Skills

In small villages and communities the school facility should be construct on land that will be adjacent to an open field where the school assist the community to establish a community garden. This garden will not only provide food for the school and community it will act as a learning opportunity for the children to be educated in modern agriculture. By providing useable skills such agriculture and other life skills, children will better prepared to contribute to the community as they grow up. Life skills play a vital roll in building a productive future for each child attending this type of school. Being prepared with skills that will ease the burden of poverty and provide valuable skills that will carry each child into a better and more productive future is our goal as humanitarians.

School House, Two Classrooms or More

Below is a basic design of a two or more classroom school with private residence for the educators. The concept of these educational projects is to construct school facilities that have every opportunity and resource to become a long-term success. All facilities will be constructed using technologies that will make the facility self-sustainable. By incorporating wind turbine energy, solar energy, agriculture, potable fresh water wells, and waste management technologies the educational facilities has the resources to succeed.

Professional Education Centers

The White Light Group has been working hard to establish business and technical education on a global level. Computer, technical and business training is vital to provide opportunities in communities around the world. By building educational centers for adults will provide the opportunities for individuals to compete for employment on a global level. By using an existing structure in a community then converting it to a fully functional small business and technical training center dedicated to helping local individuals in the community achieve professional training in desired field of interest. By empowering the community with technology, education, employment assistance, support and means to achieve their dreams will enhance the quality of their lives and offer individuals a productive future in their communities. Below is an artists rendering of a basic floor plan to a standard business and technical training center

The Business Co-Operative Center

TWLG has designed a Business Co-Op Center that will assist communities with the resources to start small local businesses. Business incubation is a prime method of stimulating economic development in third world and industrial countries. By building new centers or taking advantage of preexisting structure in a community, structures such as closed department stores, warehouses, or any other structure that provides adequate space to accommodate the services of a Small Business & Home Based Business Co-Op Center. Below is a basic floor plan for a Co-Op Center.