The White Light is the Brilliance of Creative Thought

The White Light Group is a nonprofit humanitarian NGO based on a global network of like minds and hearts working together to make a difference in the world and give back to life. We consider ourselves stewards and guardians of humanity. Our duty and responsibility is to protect that which is most precious, Life.

We are The White Light Group, a global nonprofit organization working to improve the quality of life through humanitarian and nonprofit economic development endeavors, to assist in building a better future for all humanity.

The Principles to Which TWLG Abides

We subscribe to no one specific religion, culture or belief system

We have adopted the United Nations philosophy of neutrality, including non-interference in politics and religions, however we condemn all forms of brutality, war and genocide

We do not tolerate racism and indifferences that are used to perpetuate and segregate the individual from the common good of humanity

We respect all cultures and the individual's right to choose

We are not here to judge or to convert anyone to any particular philosophy or doctrine

We are stewards and guardians in service to humanity and Mother Earth


The White Light Group (TWLG) is not a religious organization, however we do respect the rights and beliefs of others. TWLG is not only a group of individuals with the objective of providing service to humanity, we are a partnered structure of creative individuals and professionals of like mind and heart. We have formed a new type of organization with the prime directive of serving and protecting humanity and Mother Earth. We are a collective of individuals, companies and organizations, highly skilled in their fields working towards a common goal. We are a cross-cultural group of individuals from around the world that truly believes that change must take place for this world to survive.

Some call us a new movement of humanitarians, a vehicle that allows like minds to fully express their talents and by doing so, creates a synergistic effect. Our focus is not only to do that which each of us does best in his or her profession. Our goal is to work together for the purpose and support of the common good of all. We can be viewed as a world empowerment group concentrating on the transfer of advanced technology and ideas enriching lives -- educating those who need better lives, providing healthcare to overcome disease, housing the poor, feeding the starving, offering emergency relief in a times of disaster and promoting economic growth which provides badly needed jobs to those that have not.

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